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After the Paris attack: We are all Kenyans, Malians, Syrians and Afghans December 2, 2015

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Communist Workers Group (CWG-USA)

The drone operators in air conditioned trailers in Missouri are killing civilians in Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria alike; therefore the Pentagon conception that so-called terror bombings constitute “asymmetrical warfare” is wrong; “limited war” the term used in the Eisenhower and Kennedy days leading up to Vietnam acknowledged that the U.S. military was fighting “irregular forces” overseas.   For all the victims on all the continents these distinctions are meaningless, they are victims of imperialist war and this is true in the metropolis as well as in the semi-colonies.   The bombings in Kenya and Mali are not different from the bombings of civilians in Paris and neither are they different from the victims of the U.S. drones or one ton French fragmentation bombs and Matra missiles. This is war, something imperialism makes continuously and non-stop and has done so since before the end of the Cold War, beginning with the Charlie Wilson/Brzezinski…

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