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With or Without Section 215, Mass Surveillance of Cell Phones is Pervasive June 5, 2015

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The Rancid Honeytrap

Snowden’s piece in the The New York Times yesterday is a fitting epilog to the vulgar, cynical performance of democracy we have just been subjected to these past few days, wherein The Patriot Act metamorphosed into The Freedom Act. This “victory lap” in The Times as some are seeing it, is vintage Snowden, kitted out with the by now customary hype, infantilizing civics lesson, and genuflection to the private sector, where, according to Ed “progress has come even more quickly [than in government]” via “pioneering companies like Apple” among others.

“Ending the mass surveillance of private phone calls under the Patriot Act is a historic victory for the rights of every citizen” declared Ed, a statement which would be an outright lie were it not for the lawyer-like “under the Patriot Act” qualifier. Of course everything under The Patriot Act has ended, because the Patriot Act has ended. As Ed most certainly knows, mass surveillance…

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