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UPDATED Egypt: Haitham Mohamedain released, but charged with “terrorism” against the state September 9, 2013

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MENA Solidarity Network

Updated 11 September – Click here for a video interview with Haitham giving full details of his arrest

Labour lawyer Haitham Mohamedain has been released by Suez prosecutors without posting bail, but according to his lawyer, Ramy Ghoneim, he was read a list of very serious charges, including:

  • “Leading and joining a secret organisation called the Revolutionary Socialists, the purpose of which is to deny the authority of the state, assault citizens and damage social peace”
  • “Incitement by verbal and written means for the purposes mentioned in the first indictment and possessing publications inciting violence”
  • “Attempting to change the form of government by terrorist means through the organisation you lead”
  • “Jointly inciting and assisting in the destruction of state property, facilities and institutions with the intention of damaging the nation”
  • “Jointly inciting and assisting in the occupation of a number of public buildings and public facilities”
  • “Establishing and leading the…

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